Customer Testimonials

David G. Ando
President, Turtle Southeast, Inc.

In March of 2006, we purchased a new Roadtec Rx-700, we ordered it with a Keystone Wedge Lock Drum, because we knew we'd be doing a lot of heavy cutting with this mill and we needed a reliable cutter drum. We are currently replacing only the 4th set of holders on this drum. The drum currently has 8,995 hours & over 400,000 tons on it. During this time we have encountered numerous buried structures with little or no holder damage. With the new set of holders and a bit of build up, we expect to get another 3,000 hours out of it before it is retired. Each time we replace holders, the drum's pattern is restored to brand new. This kind of dependability is what we have come to expect from Keystone and it is the reason why they are the preferred provider of all of our cutter drums.

Bob Welfle
Welfle Inc.

We bought our first Keystone Wedge Lock Drum in 2007 and now it's the only system we run. We were able to see the positive results immediately with a large reduction in bit consumption. We're milling contractors and we've been milling since 1993. We've tried all of the different systems…The Wedge Lock System is the only system we've found that does not require us to rebuild the drum every few years. We have not replaced one base block on any of our 7 drums since we made the switch to Keystone.

Bob Carr
General Manager, East Coast Milling

We are currently running 1- Big Easy and 3- One Block systems. From day one, on both systems we were impressed with its smooth and vibration free cutting. After visiting the Keystone Facility, I knew why. The Drums are truly balanced and engineered from start to finish. We put over 2,000 hours on our Big Easy before changing the inserts, and we are anticipating the same performance from our One Block Systems. (Our first One Block System is not to far from the 2,000 hour mark now.) The level of customer service, quality and performance of their products will keep us buying Keystone's Drums. Proudly, made in the doesn't get any better than that!

Dave Risden
Equipment Manager, Pavement Recycling Systems

"I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about one of the most innovative companies I work with. As we all know life brings many challenges each and everyday and we at Pavement Recycling Systems are always on the lookout for ways to save time and money. Well I can honestly say working with the family owned and operated company of Keystone Engineering has helped make that happen! Their commitment to excellence fits right in line with ours, and, as always, it’s great knowing their products are 100% made in America! No matter what problem the job conditions have thrown our way over the years Keystone has helped us resolve it. So, thanks to ALL who make Keystone what it is."