Micro-Trenching Attachment

Reduce material cost and increase production


Micro-Trenching Attachment

Cutting and Trenching Attachment

  • Reduce material cost and increase production
  • Trench between .5" to 2.5" width
  • Accurate depth control up to 1.5"
  • Ejection system keeps debris out of trenched area
  • Ulitizes Keystone Engineering's RS Quick-Change Drum System
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RS Quick-Change System

  • Interchangeable tools for different grinding applications
  • Change the cutting width by simply adding or removing tools
  • 100% surface coverage with Keystone's flat tool eliminates the need for multiple passes during pavement marking removal
  • Increase production by 3 times when compared to diamond blades and flail teeth
  • Minimize surface damage while grinding
  • Precision machined block and tool ensures a uniform surface
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Surface Preparation