Keycut Milling Attachment

Keystone's skid steer milling attachment is ideal for patching, utility cuts and trimming


Keycut Milling Attachment

The Keycut is a skid steer milling attachment that is ideal for patching, utility cuts, and trimming.

  • 24" and 40" standard cutting width
  • Custom drum width options available
  • 6" cutting depth
  • Standard, fine, micro and flat drum spacing options
  • Tooled with Keystone's Easy Screw Quick-Change Block System
  • Electro-hydraulic control of depth, side shift and tilt
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Easy Screw Quick-Change System

  • Easy tool removal with access to the tool from the back of the block
  • Easy insert removal, simply unscrew the insert with standard tools, no hydraulic presses or special tools required
  • Taper on taper design provides a consistent locking depth, providing a consistently smooth surface pattern

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