Keystone will design and build grinding drums to meet any specification or specific need


Aftermarket Drum Manufacturing - Keystone will design and build any OEM milling drum to meet any specification or specific need.
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Replacement Drums - The interaction of cutting tools and the angles of attack are instrumental in optimizing efficiency and are set at the time a grinding drum is produced. Maximizing cutting efficiency is the center of Keystone's core competence and it's the key to maximizing productivity.
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Chopping & Crushing

Material Processing Drums

Crack Routing

Crack Router Drums

Dowel Bar Retrofit

Dowel Bar Drums

Epoxy & Coatings Removal

Epoxy & Coatings Removal Drums

Grinding & Grooving

Grinding & Grooving Drums

Horizontal Floor Grinding

Horizontal Floor Grinding Drums

Longitudinal Joint Repair

Longitudinal Joint Repair Drums

Micro-Milling/Fine Milling

Micro-Milling/Fine Milling Drums


Milling Drums


Mining Drums

Pavement Leveling

Pavement Leveling Drums

Pavement Marking Removal

Pavement Marking Removal Drums

Pavement Texturing

Pavement Texturing Drums

Reclaiming & Soil Stabilizing

Reclaiming & Soil Stabilizing Drums

Snowplowable Markings

Snowplowable Markings Drums

RPM Installation

RPM Installation Drums

Rumble Strip

Rumble Strip Drums

Stackable Saw Blades

Stackable Saw Blades

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding Drums

Trenching Segments

Trenching Segments

Walk-Behind Scarifying

Walk-Behind Scarifying Drums




Surface Preparation