Crack Router Drum

RS Blade System for Crafco Crack Routers



RS Router Blade

RS Blade System for Crack Routers

  • Dramatically increase production by improving cutting efficiency
  • Substantially reduce bit consumption with patented PCD diamond tools that are proven to outlast carbide tools by over 50X
  • Decrease wear and tear on router with Keystone's solid mount blade system that reduces vibration and overall maintenance expense
  • Quickly change the cutting width by swapping tools. Keystone offers a wide variety of interchangeable PCD tools
  • Add or remove repeating tools to vary the surface texture for different applications
  • Minimize the pavement's surface damage by milling the surface instead of pulverizing the surface

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Crack Routing Attachment

Keystone's Crack Routing Attachment helps reduce material cost and increase production. Attachment utilizes Keystone Engineering's RS Quick-Change Drum System.

  • Reduce material cost and increase production
  • Route from .5" - 3.75" wide
  • Accurate depth adjustment up to 2"
  • Ejection system keep debris out of routed area
  • Utilizes Keystone's RS Drum System
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Crack Routing Attachment


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