Aftermarket Attachment Drums

Keystone will design and build aftermarket drums to meet any specification or need

Aftermarket Drums

Aftermarket Drum Manufacturing - Keystone will design and build any OEM milling drum to meet any specification or specific need.
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Replacement Drums - The interaction of cutting tools and the angles of attack are instrumental in optimizing efficiency and are set at the time a grinding drum is produced. Maximizing cutting efficiency is the center of Keystone's core competence and it's the key to maximizing productivity.
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Attachment Drums

Replacement Drums for all OEM Milling Attachments

  • Utilizes Keystone's proven attack and skew tool angles which allows the drum to cut more efficiently and drastically reduces tool consumption
  • Machined and balanced shell minimizes vibration on the attachment
  • Precise end ring placement with "The Edge" reduces wear on the blocks and leaves a clean edge cut
  • Tooled with Keystone's patented Easy Screw Quick-Change System to eliminate the need for in-field welding
  • Easy insert removal-unscrew holder with standard tools, no hydraulic presses or special tools required
  • Taper on taper design provides a consistent holder locking depth, providing a uniform milled surface
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Easy Screw Quick-Change System

  • Easy tool removal with access to the tool from the back of the block
  • Easy insert removal, simply unscrew the insert with standard tools, no hydraulic presses or special tools required
  • Taper on taper design provides a consistent locking depth, providing a consistently smooth surface pattern

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SS Quick-Change System

  • Interchangeable tools for different grinding applications
  • 100% surface coverage with Keystone's Flat Tooth bit eliminates the need for multiple passes
  • Increase production by 3 times when compared to diamond blades and flail tools
  • Minimize surface damage while grinding
  • Precision machined block and tool ensures a uniform surface pattern
  • Carbide and PCD diamond tool options available
  • Replacement drums available for all grinding machines
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