Keystone offers a wide selection of grinding attachments for the construction industry


Construction Attachments

Construction Attachments

Keycut - Milling

The KeyCut is a skid steer milling attachment for skid steers that is ideal for patching, utility cuts and trimming.

  • 24" and 40" standard cutting width
  • Custom drum width options available
  • 5" to 8" cutting depth
  • Standard, fine and micro drum spacing options
  • Tooled with Keystone's Easy Screw Quick-Change Block System
  • Electro-hydraulic control of depth, side shift and tilt
  • Independent depth skis for precise lap cuts
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Flatliner - Precision Grinding

Ideal for -

  • Maintenance Work/Bump Grinding
  • Ride Quality/IRI Improvement
  • Pavement Marking Removal
  • Coatings Removal

Skid steer attachment designed to smooth pavement roughness by shaving high spots and other irregularities in a cost effective manner. The Flatliner uses Flat Tooth Technology, a machined and precise holder system to insure a smooth and uniform surface, setting a new industry standard.

  • Precise Depth Control
  • Variable Cutting Widths: 2" to 49"
  • 100% Surface Coverage
  • Precisely levels bumps and other irregularities, acts as a profilograph and bump grinder in one
  • Utilizes Keystone Engineering's patented Flat Tooth Cutting Techonology
  • 100% surface coverage, unlike diamond blades and other traditional carbide conical tools and flail cutters
  • Minimal surface damage seen when comparing to traditional carbide tools and water blasting equipment
  • No water required
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Crack Routing Attachment

Crack Routing Attachment helps reduce material cost and increase production. Attachment utilizes Keystone Engineering's RS Quick-Change Drum System.

  • Reduce material cost and increase production
  • Route from .5" - 3.75" wide
  • Accurate depth adjustment up to 2"
  • Ejection system keep debris out of routed area
  • Utilizes Keystone's RS Drum System
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V-Head - Joint Repair

Skid Steer Attachment Designed for Longitudinal Joint Repair

  • Remove and replace at deeper depths on the joint line or other targeted areas
  • Requires less material
  • Cuts a V-shape into the pavement that allows the new material to bond better to the existing pavement
  • The tapered cut alleviates the shearing effect that is seen with the flat surface cuts
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Keysaw - Concrete Saw

Skid Steer Saw/Cold Planer Attachment Designed for Cutting Concrete

  • Asphalt and Concrete Sawing
  • Partial Depth Concrete Repair
  • Micro-Trenching
  • Longitudinal Joint Repair
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  • Reduce material cost and increase production
  • Grind width between .5" to 2.5"
  • Accurate depth control up to 1.5"
  • Ejection system keeps debris out of grind area
  • Utilizes Keystone Engineering's RS Quick-Change Drum System
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Cutting and Trenching Attachment

  • Reduce material cost and increase production
  • Trench between .5" to 2.5" width
  • Accurate depth control up to 1.5"
  • Ejection system keeps debris out of trenched area
  • Ulitizes Keystone Engineering's RS Quick-Change Drum System
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Pavement Marking Removal

  • Optional self-contained vacuum system
  • 100% surface coverage to eliminate the need for multiple passes during pavement marking removal
  • Shaves the pavement's surface instead of impacting the surface like traditional carbide conical tools that are used in asphalt milling machines
  • Minimized surface damage during pavement marking removal. Far less damage seen by the Flat Tooth System than by water blasting equipment and traditional asphalt grinding products
  • Leaves a level and smooth surface unlike a milled surface or a diamond ground surface
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Material Processing

Lab Core Crusher

  • Creates material that is representative of field milling
  • The crusher's drum design replicates an actual milling machine's drum with similar wrap design, tooth spacing and drum RPM
  • Saves time by crushing cores in seconds and eliminates the need for a jaw crusher
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Underground Mining
Keysaw Mining - Underground Cutting and Grinding

  • Sawing
  • Grinding
  • Micro Trenching
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Aftermarket Drum Manufacturing for all Milling - Keystone will design and build replacement drums for all OEM skid steer attachments to meet any specification or specific need.

  • Custom Width Attachment Drums
  • Standard, Fine Milling, and Micro-Milling Attachment Drums
  • Surface Grinding Attachment Drums
  • Rumble Strip Grinding Attachment Drums
  • Line Removal Attachment Drums
  • Pavement Coatings Removal Attachment Drums

Attachment Drums

  • Utilizes Keystone's proven attack and skew tool angles which allows the drum to cut more efficiently and drastically reduces tool consumption
  • Machined and balanced shell minimizes vibration on the attachment
  • Precise end ring placement with "The Edge" reduces wear on the blocks and leaves a clean edge cut
  • Tooled with Keystone's patented Easy Screw Quick-Change System to eliminate the need for in-field welding
  • Easy insert removal-unscrew holder with standard tools, no hydraulic presses or special tools required
  • Taper on taper design provides a consistent holder locking depth, providing a uniform milled surface
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Flatliner Attachment

Crack Routing Attachment

Keycut Grinding Attachment

Keysaw Attachment

Reclaimer Attachment

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