RS Quick-Change System

Keystone's completely machined tool and block ensures a uniform surface

Block & Tooling Systems

RS Quick-Change System

  • Interchangeable tools for different grinding applications
  • Change the cutting width by simply adding or removing tools
  • 100% surface coverage with Keystone's flat tool eliminates the need for multiple passes during pavement marking removal
  • Increase production by 3 times when compared to diamond blades and flail teeth
  • Minimize surface damage while grinding
  • Precision machined block and tool ensures a uniform surface
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Horizontal Floor Grinding RS Quick-Change System

Replacement Systems for all Grinding Machines

  • Improve productivity by extending tool life with RS PCD diamond tools by 40x carbide tools
  • Decrease or increase the number of tools for different grinding applications
  • Interchangeable tools to vary the macrotexture of the surface
  • Minimize surface damage during the grinding process
  • Completely machined tool and block ensures a smooth and uniform surface

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RS Drum System

RS Drum System for Walk-Behind Grinders

Improving your grinder's cutting efficiency with a PCD drum system is an excellent way to dramatically increase production on low horsepower walk-behind grinders.

Keystone Engineering's RS Drum System can significantly increase the production on all grinding machines while decreasing bit consumption and other operational costs. The RS System can be adapted to any grinder from high horsepower units to low horsepower walk-behind grinders. The RS System is different than industry standard flail cutters and diamond stacked saw blades, where the bits are randomly stacked up across the cutting face of the drum. These cutting systems require more horsepower to grind and increases the amount of vibration on the machine. RS Drums are machined with lacing patterns that are designed to smooth the machine and minimize the amount of bits in the cut at any given time, maximizing horsepower on a per bit basis. By optimizing lacing patterns, grinders will increase production rates dramatically. On small push-behind units with limited horsepower, this increase is substantial, opening up new applications for the units, such as concrete joint grinding and grooving for inlaid markings.

The RS System uses PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools that wear 50X longer than carbide cutters and do not require water for cooling, such as diamond stacked saw blades. The system has a series of interchangeable tools depending on the application and the amount of surface coverage needed. The RS Flat Tool will remove 100% of the material while leaving a completely smooth surface, minimizing the surface damage seen by other grinding systems. These interchangeable tools can be used to create different surface patterns and is ideal for texturizing pavements.

The drum's cutting width can be changed by easily removing tools on either end of the drum. Worn tools can be changed on a tool by tool basis, unlike a stackable blade system. The RS System is precision machined to accurately hold Keystone Engineering's proven attack angles ensuring a uniform surface pattern, minimizing the impact on the surface, reducing vibration on the machine and reducing the over-all maintenance of the machine.

In addition to drum systems, Keystone has developed a series of skid steer grinding attachments. The FLATLINER is a precision grinding attachment that is ideal for the removal of pavement markings, rubber, crack seal and other surface coatings. It can also be used to correct pavement smoothness by shaving expansion joints, heaves and other pavement abnormalities. The Flatliner has been used and approved on hundreds of projects and is available in 24", 36" and 48" cutting widths. The Flatliner is available for rental or purchase and can be adapted to any high flow skid steer.

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